A downloadable game for Windows

Sleepy Storm is a positioning based top-down arena fighter. You defeat bosses and boss waves in an arena-like environment, while trying not to be defeated yourself. To achieve the goal, you have access to a variety of offensive and defensive abilities. Furthermore, movement is an essential part of the gameplay. The experience gets especially exciting when you share your gameplay with others via Twitch streams. The game offers a social component that lets your viewers become part of the game. They can either take on the role of your drone to support you or play against you by fighting on the side of your opponents.

The game provides its own website on which the spectators themselves can interact with the game. On it they can use different skills. Some can be used individually by each spectator and others are influenced by all spectators together. There are two different fractions: The player and the opponents. Each spectator can choose which side he is going to support.

Besides, each spectator who is participating can decide on the wind strength (the average float value of all spectators between 0 and 1). The stronger the wind, the faster the turbines on the map rotate. If there is no wind, the turbines stand still. The player can use it to block the opponents off or the supporters of the opponents can use it to block ways the player could use.


SleepyStorm.rar 149 MB